Yamuna has been conducting Kinesiology sessions since 1993. A wide range of issues can be addressed because they are only symptoms of various stress-induced imbalances held in the nervous system. Using Muscle testing Yamuna can follow the order that the body requires to unravel the stresses.

Issues can range from a simple cold, back pain, headaches or digestive problems to more involved and chronic conditions. Once the stresses are identified, Yamuna uses massage, light, sound, flower essences and affirmations to remove the blockage. The body can again return to homeostasis and the person to health.

Usually a session lasts about one hour, sometimes up to 90 minutes.

Typically in the beginning of a treatment, there may be two to four sessions (one session per week).  Once a symptom has improved or disappeared Yamuna may suggest maintenance sessions monthly or half yearly.

Contact Yamuna to make an appointment for your treatment.

Some health rebates apply. Please ask.