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Kinesiology is a profound healing modality combining ancient eastern science & western muscle monitoring.

Kinesiology Sessions  -  Introductory Courses  -  Accredited Kinesiology Training


Yamuna has been conducting Kinesiology sessions since 1993. A wide range of issues can be addressed because they are only symptoms of various stress-induced imbalances held in the nervous system. Using Muscle testing Yamuna can follow the order that the


Kinesiology is a fascinating and rewarding path of learning whether you wish to become a Kinesiologist or use Kinesiology to complement other modalities. Kinesiology is non-invasive, and the client does not need to voice their issues, which offers more privacy


Kinesiology is the world’s fastest growing natural therapy. It is a highly effective and versatile healing modality suitable for addressing a wide range of health care problems in people of all ages. Discovered in the 1960’s by a group of