Training weekend 24/25 April 2021 – Attitude with Essence using muscle testing

Well-being is our natural state when we live a life that is balanced and healthy.

While this sounds simple, an holistic approach to well-being – of mind, body and spirit – is something most of us cannot easily achieve.

When you consider the hectic pace and stresses of modern life, the demands upon our time, the impact negative experiences can have on us, pollution and chemicals in our environment and our modern diets, it is no wonder we need to make a conscious effort to achieve well-being.

‘Ease of Life’ offers wisdom and support to guide your journey in a way that you can feel really good about and that gets results – results that open up a whole new world of awareness and possibility.


When the body is in defense, or fight/flight system is up then the rest/digest system is down which means less energy for healing. When “stress” becomes chronic the body, over time, will get sick.

Kinesiology is great to release Trauma after accidents, operations or major changes in our life, for example change of living place, work and partner, loss of a loved one and so on!

Cranial Sacral Pulse

Trauma in the head, sutures get tight and disoriented, distorting the pulse that directs the nervous system; NOT (neural organisation Technique) helps with releasing tension in the sutures (result of a head trauma) in a gentle yet effective manner. Helping to restore the normal functioning of the Nervous System. Clear signalling between Nervous System and muscles resulting in greater balanced and more harmonious movements.


Yamuna JanschYamuna is an experienced Kinesiology practitioner and instructor. She taught Touch for Health since 1993. She runs regular Introduction courses and teaches the accredited courses of Applied Physiology Kinesiology. Her background includes extensive training in Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Ayurveda as well as Touch for Health, N.O.T (Neural Organization technique), Applied Physiology and Neuro Energetic Kinesiology.

Yamuna is a Yoga instructor and manages the Yoga in Daily Life Centre in Maroochydore.

She has a great interest in natural lifestyles based on Ayurvedic and Yogic principles. Her personal and professional life are dedicated to personal and spiritual development.

In the years of working on herself and with others Yamuna has realized that any therapy can only provide a springboard for the individual to then continue to grow. Each one of us is on a journey, some more reluctantly than others. The more we resist our transformation into the Divine being that we are meant to realize, the more we suffer. Each one of us has to make the steps that bring us closer to that purpose. And on the way we can ask for help.

Yamuna has found kinesiology a valuable and effective tool, often in conjunction with other modalities or medical support, to help herself and others on that journey.

She has chosen Yoga as her spiritual path to move forward on a daily basis. As a practitioner she also encourages others to find that path – that understanding that helps you to move forward and so make the support that many kinds of practitioners can offer you bear fruit.

In the words her teacher Paramhans Swami Maheshwarananda:

“Peace is our innermost nature. Our journey is to realize that peace.”