What is the main benefit of Kinesiology for General Health?

Kinesiology will help to support the body’s healing ability by identifying the factors that are blocking it’s healing process. This could be from a range of different occurrences ranging from an emotion around an event to the effects of an accident. Often, we hold on to certain emotions like anger or resentment and we may not be aware of doing so. Kinesiology will help to identify the exact emotion causes any form of blockage and helps to clear the way for the body to release the emotion and allow the healing process to take place naturally.

When you have had stressful experiences in the past whether physical or emotional at whatever level, that emotion can get stuck in the system and in response, puts the body into fight/flight mode and limits the body’s ability to heal. Even when you are structurally aligned and the related emotion has not been cleared, healing is less effective or blocked.

Through Kinesiology, a language to communicate with the subconscious can be developed. Through muscle testing the level of the body’s stresses can be analysed, simply by doing corrections using sound, flower essences, using colour and the pulsing of correct acupuncture points.

What are the main benefits of Kinesiology?

Healing can take place with progress in the situation to help the body learn from the situation and move forward- freer, lighter and with more energy. Kinesiology can also help with any physical trauma effecting your body from past experiences. The longer the trauma has been there; the longer it may take to heal.

The Physical level is the densest level of energy and the body will develop certain compensations around the imbalance e.g. calcification and inflammation. The more it has manifested on the physical side of the body, the longer it may take to reverse and to complete the healing process.

What are the common issues that Kinesiology can help with?

Can help with anything that is experienced as an issue/difficulty/problem by the person.

Pain, headaches, hormonal imbalances, lack of energy, achieving your goals – investigate what blocks you from doing it.

Beliefs are a form of protection, defending ourselves, in childhood we respond to traumas with certain beliefs that later in life block us to develop our full potential in adulthood. Beliefs can be limiting.

How long does it take to see some results?

The result of feeling lighter and less heavy, feeling less pain and hopeful about being able to change the current situation of how you fell can be felt after the first session.

After about 3-5 sessions your body will be showing sufficient results, depending on how chronic the problem is and the energy that the person puts into healing process.

Can it help with older people?

Over time our body’s do deteriorated but yes, we can always improve the quality of our life.

As the body becomes responsive to the treatments less medication will be required (speak to your doctor about this first) and will make the changes to our body’s capacity to heal easier.

Kinesiology is also great for kids and animals, as well as helping with post-traumatic stress after giving birth.

For the best results it is ideally working on a trauma or stress as soon as we realise that it has been stressful and getting the support to release the stress before it becomes a disease or cause degeneration.

Can Nutrition improve certain conditions?

We can identify when the body has stress in utilising certain nutrients. Stressful experiences can block glandular function in the body and/or effect digestive processes.

We can help identify which foods the body has a reaction to and which will help to nourish the body’s healing process.

What is the main reason for people to come for Kinesiology?

General feeling of feeling stuck and showing some sort of physical condition like being cold, having headaches or just not being able to move the way you did before. Often people come when they have tried other modalities and the issue is not resolved.

Kinesiology can work on whatever level you are at, identify what is missing to resolve trauma and release any blockages.

How does it compare with traditional health services and help with Trauma?

Kinesiology can help with the prevention of surgery and other drastic interventions and helps the body to heal after medical treatments. Providing improved healing and recovery on all levels by looking at the person as a whole and offering a very individual approach to help in the healing progress.