Applied Physiology

Richard Utt, an electronic expert by profession, was a very sick man when he first met Sheldon Deal. Given up on by the medical profession, he saw Sheldon Deal (Tucson) sometimes up to three times a day for three years. Time enough to ask many questions and find out all he could about this fascinating science of kinesiology.

Applying his scientific mind, he then proceeded to work on clients, studied anatomy and physiology in depth and developed the healing technique of Applied Physiology. In 1992 his research came to fruition and Applied Physiology based on the Holographic Super Theory was founded.

The body as a hologram

Body FormattingWe can look on the body as a holographic plate, storing multitudes of stresses and stories. If shone upon in a certain angle, a specific stress can be brought up (as life does) and result in emotional outbursts or failure in resolving the situation.

In the situation of a kinesiology session the stress can be purposely brought into consciousness and transmuted or even dissolved into universal love, giving room for more beneficial learning and growth.

The angle is defined by the object and reference meridian.

We have heard of other holograms like reflexology and iridology. We know that the ears, the nose and hands all represent the body as a whole. Accepting the body as a hologram means that also each meridian can be seen as representing each other meridian in the body.

In Touch for Health we learn that, for example, Pectoralis Major Clavicular (PMC) is representative for the stomach meridian. The position we put the arm in is the full contraction of PMC. What about the other positions? If we start to move PMC out of full contraction into extension and then back from Extension into contraction? We are still monitoring PMC in various stages of contraction and extension. What if each of these positions relate to a specific holographic coordinate representing the relationship of the stomach energy (object) with another meridian (reference)? That is exactly what Richard discovered.

Karl Pribam (1969) proposed that the hologram was a powerful model for brain processes and David Bohm (1971) proposed that the organization of the universe may be holographic.  Both models have offered the best explanation to date for what really is occurring on the individual and universal level even though both are not being adopted as the general scientific opinion yet.

Applied Physiology Hologram Series

The body as a HologramThe Applied Physiology Hologram series is an easy to learn, yet fully integrated system that allows you to access and correct the primary and vital secondary organ/muscle/emotional meridian energy matrix that makes up our Human Hologram.

The Hologram series provides extremely powerful, yet simple correction techniques that you can (and will) use in every kinesiology session. You will also develop the essential skill of being able to set up and resolve a comprehensive and thorough circuit to locate ‘hidden’ and compensated stress.

Courses include Holographic Muscle Monitoring, Attitude with Essence, Can Opener, Basket Weaver and Figure 8.

Holographic Muscle Monitoring

14 Position Muscle Monitoring provides access to stress stored in the body using the alarm points to access the primary and the vital secondary meridian interconnection.

14 Muscle positionsThe Holographic Muscle monitoring techniques allow for a greater exploration of the meridian related muscle that has stored the stress.

Included is a 188 page colour coded manual showing the 14 position/range of motion for each of the 16 muscles plus the related NL and NV for each set of the 224 muscle co-ordinates.

On completion of the course the participant will be able to  utilise all the information in the manual and balance 16 major muscles on the physical and etheric level.

Attitude with Essence

Attitude with EssenceThis unique system matches Bach, Bush and Arizona Desert Essences to specific stress patterns in the body. Via the Alarm points the stored stress in the body can be accessed directly and a specific Flower essence used as the correction for this imbalance.

This course is perfect as a starting point for the beginner or to enhance the work of any Kinesiologist.

Included:   a 182 page colour coded manual with the thoughts, attitudes, feelings, flower essences and affirmations for each of the 224 muscle co-ordinates.  You will learn how incredibly powerful sound can be using the meridian related tuning forks.

Can Opener – The Intermediate Hologram

The Can Opener workshop will enable you to understand and identify the stages of acute, compensated and chronic or degenerative stress. The use of 14 Position Muscle Monitoring to “clear” these stresses from each Meridian-related Hologram, often results in profound improvements in the function of meridian-related organs.  This procedure is highly effective with specific organ related problems. You will also learn the new powerful Law of Seven Elements of Acupressure, and the application of NL, NV, and Acupressure Holograms to clear Co-ordinate specific stress.

Basket Weaver – The Advanced Hologram

The addition of Hand & Foot Reflexology Holograms, Acu-Touch Hologram, and Genealogy Hologram provide powerful new tools to further clear the patterns of stress held in each Co-ordinate at the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels. Also included is a Relationship Colour Balance that often produces amazing results. The Basket Weaver shows you how to “weave” all your Hologram Techniques together to give deep and lasting corrections. Included:  a full colour manual.

Tibetan Figure 8 & Energy Hologram

Figure 8 Energy SystemThe Tibetan’s have long worked specifically with the powerful Figure 8 Energy system. Using holographic techniques you will learn how the Figure 8 Energy system is the integrating energy system between the meridian, chakra and auric energies, besides being a powerful corrective technique on its own.
Completing each balance with a Figure 8 will assist your client to integrate the changes more effectively and become more grounded.

As the Figure 8 Energy System is usually the first to go out of balance when coming down with colds, flu and other infections, balancing these energies will often greatly minimise the effects of the illness. It is also effective for working with scar tissue, old or new injuries or illness and feelings of not been grounded or focused. Included:   a full colour manual.