Advanced Holographic Muscle Monitoring

Intermediate Hologram – The Canopener

2 days-working specifically on one meridian/organ. This procedure is highly effective with specific organ related problems. You will also learn the new powerful Law of Seven Element Acupressure, and the application of NL, NV and Acupressure Holograms to clear Co-ordinate specific stress.


Advanced Hologram – The Basketweaver

2 days– The addition of Hand & Foot Reflexology Holograms, Acu-Touch Hologram, and Genealogy Hologram provide powerful new tools to further clear the patterns of stress held in each Co-ordinate at the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual levels. The Basketweaver shows us how to “weave” all your Hologram Techniques together to give deep and lasting corrections.


Tibetan Figure 8 Energy Hologram:

The best 1 day course learning to integrate the meridian, aura and Chakra energies to help your clients integrate changes more easily, become grounded and focused and help clear colds, flu, infection etc.

5 days (taught in two or three parts)
Prerequisite: Introductory Kinesiology course